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Faced a break-in attempt recently? Looking to restrict access to your property? Not many property owners are aware that you do not always need to replace your locks and locking systems to enhance your security. There is a far cheaper method to get the same results as replacing your keys, and that is rekeying them.

Several locksmiths would shy away from informing you about rekeying your locks because it may not be very profitable for them, but not so with Usa Locksmith Service. At Usa Locksmith Service our lockmasters have a high sense of professional integrity and always have the best interests of their customers in mind when they are discussing locksmith solutions. While rekey is cheaper than replacement, it gives the same benefits as the latter and can be a great option to secure your property.

Usa Locksmith Service is a reliable name in Houston, TX that has offered rekeying solutions to hundreds of customers. With over ten years of experience in dealing with locks and keys, we are the most trusted locksmith in the region.

Rekey Vs. Lock Change/Replacement

If you want to know the benefits of opting for rekey instead of a full-fledged replacement, here are some of them:Usa Locksmith Service Houston, TX 713-470-0720

  • Enhance the security of your home
  • Make your locks difficult to pick
  • Incorporate a master key system
  • Affordable way to improve security
  • Restricts access

When to choose replacement over rekeying?

While rekeying is just as effective, there are definitely times when you need to consider a replacement. If your locks are damaged due to excessive usage or are old and dilapidated, it is best to go for a complete replacement. It is best to consult a professional to know what would be best for your security system, and whether you should go for rekeying or replacement.

At Usa Locksmith Service our experts will give you the most appropriate solution after examining your security system. Whether you need a rekey or a replacement, we are your most trusted service provider.

Only hire professionals

Rekeying is a complex process and is best handled by experts who have specialised knowledge. When you entrust the job to our professionals, you can rest assured of quality work.

Looking to rekey your locks? Call us at 713-470-0720 to schedule an appointment today. Our experts will examine your property and your present locking system to suggest the best security measures to adopt.