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Homes are meant to be the safest and most secure places to be in. Or are they? Well, one hears of so many unfortunate break-ins and thefts, one can never be sure that homes are in fact the safest places to be in. Can we sleep peacefully in our beds at night, with total confidence that there won’t be a break-in at night? Usa Locksmith Service has been giving homeowners and landlords in Houston, TX area, the peace of mind they deserve for the past 10 years now, by installing the right locking systems for our homes. Call us, we’ll come over, assess your situation, repair or replace locks and setup appropriate measures so that you can even go away on a long holiday without worrying about a break-in.

Our residential locksmiths are reputed to be the best you will find in Houston, TX at very affordable locksmith prices. We are duty bound to always uphold certain ethics and abide by a strict code of conduct. This ensures that all our locksmiths maintain absolute confidentiality and honesty with all our customers. Professionalism, courtesy and efficiency are other hallmarks of our service. We would never want to put you at the risk of anything. You can put your trust in us, and we’ll safeguard it.

Whether it’s an emergency lockout at your home, or a pre-empted call for improving security at your home, we respond swiftly. We have a whole fleet of mobile locksmith units and one of them will arrive at your residence within 15-20 minutes. We know how an emergency lockout can be exasperating and have dealt with similar scenarios in the past. This has equipped our technicians with the know-how to deal with practically any kind of emergency lockout situation and devise a resolution within minutes. We have been doing that for so many customers in Houston, TX area for a decade now.

Some of the residential services that we offer are:

  • Usa Locksmith Service Houston, TX 713-470-072024/7 availability in Houston, TX area
  • Emergency lockout help
  • Eviction locksmith services to keep former tenants out
  • Garage door locks installation
  • Broken or damaged locks and keys
  • Door-unlock and repair service
  • Master keys for your home
  • Key cutting and replication
  • Recoding of lock tumblers
  • High-security lock setup
  • Lock repairs and replacements
  • Mailbox locks
  • Rekeying of locks
  • Deadbolt installation
  • Emergency opening of doors or windows
  • Peephole installation

And more

Apart from a wide range of lock and locksmith services, we also take it upon ourselves to upgrade your home security. We know how a rusted padlock or a missing key can act as potential threats to your safety. For this reason, Usa Locksmith Service ensures that there are no loopholes in your home security to provide you with a sense of safety at all times. If you need a survey of your premises done, we’ll do that too. Once done, we’ll prepare a report of what locks and locking device we feel need to be installed. Right from setting up high-security locks to devising a master key system for your residence, we do everything it takes to ensure that your home is impregnable. We also do periodic installations of advanced locks, maintenance and repair. 

Get in touch with us today to help put your home security - locks and keys, in perfect order!